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Here you will find some of my favourite wedding and engagement images in one place. In addition to being crazy about my job, I have also had a lifelong passion for traveling (something as simple as spontaneous day trips to six months backpacking trips around Europe) and adore building my portfolio with the help of my many journeys thorough the years. I will take any opportunity to travel and am always open to destination weddings as well.

Please browse my wedding and engagement portfolios and message me with any further inquiries. Check out the Love Stories page if you’d like to get a more in-depth look at particular weddings, or my Blog to stay up to date with my most current projects. I do my best to blog a lot and to include a wide variety of my work, from nature, to travel, family, boudoir, maternity and of course, wedding photography.

And, if you love my vision and feel the beauty I aim to portray with my images, I’d love to meet for coffee and show you a couple full weddings or a travel album so you can get a better idea of my style and how I tell a story. Over coffee, I will also tell you about the brilliant and very helpful online gallery I use to deliver your photos. IT. IS. BEAUTIFUL.

Thanks for checking out my work and seeing what I’m most passionate about and following along with me as I journey through life. I have been told time and time again that I have a beautiful eye and that people enjoy how I see the world .. I’d like to share this with you too! And, I may even tell you a joke or two.

Love, Roxy