"My husband and I couldn't be happier with our choice of wedding photographer. Roxana's photos have a style that stands out among a crowd...literally! I knew I wanted her to be our photographer the day I met her and viewed some of her work at a wedding show. Her photos have a beautifully bright, yet dreamy motif, offering a unique artistic element to wedding photography. She also has the ability to capture moments in the most genuine way. Another thing that stood out for me was Roxana's fun, yet relaxed and natural demeanor. Roxana's personality while photographing us offered both the enthusiasm we craved and the ease we needed on our big day. In addition to her amazing talent and stunning personality, Roxana went above and beyond by offering us advice, guidance and support as we planned out our wedding day."


Roxana was great. We were overseas, planning our wedding in our hometown Vancouver and Roxana was super communicative and flexible. It made us feel incredibly relaxed going into the wedding. We knew it would be a bit challenging for her because we hadn't done an engagement shoot and she didn't really know us or our personalities but very quickly we got into a groove and we were having fun! I guess that's the best part of working with her, it's that you have fun getting your pictures done. She really feeds off of the energy of the couple and take pictures that are reflective of you, your personalities and the environment you're in. I've been in other wedding parties and felt awkward and fake during photoshoots but with Roxana, my husband and I felt free to be ourselves and really enjoyed the experience. I loved having Roxana has our photographer and couldn't have imagined our wedding without her.


We were so fortunate to have found Roxana to be our photographer for the wedding. Roxana is very honest, personable, always responded to our emails/texts promptly and did everything she promised to us. As soon as we saw our engagement photos on the little screen on her camera, we knew that picking Roxana was a really good decision. Both of us were awed how good the photos looked on the camera, however when you looked around, none of the charm that was caught on her photographs was apparent, she saw things that we couldn't and that is what makes her special. The best compliment I can give Roxana is she has a wonderful ability to make us feel like we are her only clients and we always leave impressed by her creativity, even down to the beautiful little box she made for us with our wedding photos in it. We will definitely use her services for our future needs and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone that asks. Thanks for a lifetime of memories, Roxana!    


I had seen some of Roxana's photos prior to booking her for our wedding and LOVED her work, but WOW, did she blow us away with our wedding album!! Roxy was from the word go, full of energy and brimming with enthusiasm for the perfect shot! She has a unique eye for perfect scenery and has a way of incorporating our personalities into our photos! They are stunning! We can't wait for Roxana to photograph our next big occasion. We wouldn't look to anyone else! Thank you so much Roxana for being so fun, warm and professional on our big day!


Oh Roxana .... these are incredibly wonderful and completely exceeded my highest expectations. You are obviously a talented and hard-working professional and artist. You have delivered an incredible set of photos in conditions that I know were much less than ideal. Going through the photos has brought tears to my eyes. The photos of Aaron and I were so beautiful and romantic, but there were so many other styles and types of photos I had no idea we would get! I don't know how you did it, but you managed to capture some very special moments purely by chance, that mean so much to me! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of the hard work you put in. You are so insanely skilled it is no wonder that you are busy! Thank you for getting our photos back to us so quickly, I will make sure anyone we share these photos with knows to credit you. And I will 100% recommend you to anyone we know who gets engaged or ask for photographer recommendations.