The moment I picked up a camera, I realized I wasn't taking photos the same way everyone else around me was. I was fixated on composition, making sure people looked great and trusting them when they told me what their "best angle" was. I was a total perfectionist before I even knew what a "good" picture was. To some extent, I feel I always knew.

Fast forward to a six-month trip around Europe, in which I traveled to more than 20 countries and took thousands of photographs. It didn't take long for me to realize that to drop everything I was doing and ultimately pursue photography as my only career would make me happier than any other path I've followed so far.

So, after many different life paths. including a Master's in Journalism, as well as numerous jobs and travels, I arrived here, following a dream career as a Vancouver wedding photographer. Here, I absolutely love what I do and am always eager to do it again. And again.

A few personal notes .. I like to laugh, I like to smile I like to tell bad jokes .. I love bringing smiles to people's faces ... I like to talk to strangers, I like almost everything about the 90s as well as everything to do with roses. Even my house and my car will smell like roses on a regular basis. I love love love dogs. I will always choose to wear skirts and dresses over pants. I love tights. I love boots. I love scarves. I love watching movies and I often cry at weddings (especially when I see the groom crying). I love hummus and honey (not together), spring and fall. I love to travel and I love to photograph my travels!